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I am so looking forward to returning to Japan this year and being with youall. Our work at this time is very exciting for me as we connect with the group divinity to channel through very powerful and insightful meditations so that our lives can all be filled with joy and grace. As I travel the world this past year I have noticed a huge change in both group and global consciousness that is reflecting in very positive ways in all our gatherings.

If you are interested in Tantra, as oneness and true love, sacred union and the gifts that this union can bring including pranic living with its gift of the elimination of global hunger and also global warming, then join us for our wonderful Friday evening mini-workshop and also for our
powerful one day event on Monday the 11th October.

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Evening Workshop

Harmonics of the Heavenly Heart - THE RHYTHM OF LOVE

“At this point in human evolution we have entered into a time of harmony and balance, a time where we are being called to come into alignment with other forces so that we can enjoy permanent peace in our world and on all levels of our being.” A meditator and metaphysician for over 38 years years, Jasmuheen will be continuing her focus this year on the theme of harmonics and the rhythms of love - personal, global and universal harmonics - and in particular the harmonics of the Triple Heart. She adds: “I have found over my years of meditation that we can beneficially align ourselves, or bathe in, some very pure, nourishing and powerful energy streams, that are constantly bubbling through the matrix of life. Lately two particular frequencies have been rising more powerfully than usual through this matrix, and when we tune to these many gifts and insights are given that can only be described as heavenly. I call these frequencies the Triple Heart, for they are a mix of the cosmic Heart beat and the heart beat of Gaia, the earth spirit that many of the Indigenous tribes call Pachamama, and also our own heart beat. When these three energies mingle we come into a rhythm of great love, peace, freedom and a state of Grace where the co-creation of paradise is pure joy.” During the Tokyo events Jasmuheen will be sharing simple alignment techniques and powerful meditations to support this theme as part of her conscious Paradise co-creation agenda.


DATE : Friday, Oct. 8, 2010

TIME:  6:00〜10:00pm (opens 5:45pm)


     2-23-1, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo

     7min. walk from JR Shimbashi St. Torimori Exit. Map  

FEE: \6,300 (advanced payment to bank account)

E-MAIL : workshop@naturalspirit.co.jp

FAX: 03-3542-0781 

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As many are now aware, metaphysical author Jasmuheen has spent the last four decades studying the rhythms of the field of Divine Love to the degree that in 1993 she discovered its ability to provide nourishment on not just emotional, mental and spiritual levels but also on a physical level. She then toured extensively sharing this with all those open to experience this different way of being nourished, continually also offering deep meditations within the field of love that will align us more powerfully to this nourishing force so that our presence enhances human evolution in ways that benefit us all. Pranic living then gave birth to the Embassy of Peace with its pragmatic Programs & Projects of Personal, Global & Universal
Harmonization. Her current focus is on SACRED UNION & receiving all the gifts that come from this enlightened state, including pranic living.

The German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer said: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Schopenhauer, like leading prana researcher Jasmuheen, was a student of the Vedas, from which the very first information about prana has come. Prana is the energy behind the breath, it is also the energy that allows the divine to dance so evidently within the universe.


JASMUHEEN writes: "I am an Ambassador of Peace. My focus is to feed the
children of our world the nourishment that they need. While a child dies every 2 seconds we cannot say that we live in a civilized world. Some may say that this is due to lack of both correct resource distribution and holistic education. My interest is also to harmoniously stimulate a more enjoyable and effective evolution for us all - regardless of race, religion or gender. Yes it is true that since the early 1970’s, I have been experientially researching ancient, alternate nourishment sources that can feed us all - on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels - so that we can co-create a peace filled, healthy and harmonized world. Yes it is
true that there is a free, limitless inner resource that can unhook us from our dependence of our world’s resources and release us from many perceived human limitations. I call the more recent research we have done on this resource, The Prana Program."

On Pranic Living Jasmuheen writes: “Pranic Living is not a diet - it is about Sacred Union, an ascension into more refined evolutionary paths on both individual then global levels! As vast multi-dimensional beings, we have limitless access to a source of internal nourishment (prana-chi) that constantly bubbles champagne-like throughout the matrix of life. This pranic stream acts as a type of glue to bind our creations and help with our manifestations to bring more Grace into our lives. Meditation allows us to go deep within the inner silence to discover and experience this pranic flow in all its forms and as we focus upon it we become immersed within it and so find ourselves ascended and transformed. Increasing our personal internal & external chi flow like we do in our gatherings and retreats can rid our
world of all of all its hungers and bring about a state of global harmony and permanent peace and so our international tours seminars and retreats continue with this focus.”

Living on Light - The Personal & Global Journey

Jasmuheen continues, "NOURISHMENT FROM CHI, PRANA, THE UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE happens as a direct response to our desire for it and as a natural response to our vibration. When we consciously tune ourselves to the Madonna
Frequency and It's Channel of Divine Love and Wisdom, miracles happen! The
ability to live on light is directly related to our ability to attract, absorb and radiate Divine Love which is determined by our lifestyle. It really is that simple! When our personal biofield is well tuned and we are four body fit, we can access DOW Power which has the ability to love us, guide us, heal us and also nourish our cells and not just our souls. In order to co-create paradise we need to ensure that we adopt long term resource sustainability support systems and also redistribute our current resources so that we can adequately feed everyone now and in the future. At the moment the ability to be nourished by prana is way ahead of its time and there are many steps we need to take before this is a globally accepted lifestyle. For many, ITS MAIN GIFT IS FREEDOM OF CHOICE - to eat for pleasure and not for need. It takes 20 times the resources to put meat on our tables compared to grains so what the world is ready for, is global vegetarianism. Enough research has now been done to prove a) vegetarianism
is GREAT for our health! b) Vegetarianism is GREAT re long term resource
sustainability! c) 'Vegetarianism tunes our personal biofield to the vibration of compassion for all creatures. All of this can also help to eliminate global warming as we learn to utilise resources differently, including the inner resource of our divine essence which can eliminate ALL human hunger.” Jasmuheen

In this event Jasmuheen will focus on both personal & global attunements to
pranic living via sacred union & ascension.


DATE : Monday, Oct. 11, 2010

TIME:  10:00am〜6:00pm (opens 9:45am)


     4-3-14, Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo

     7min. walk from JR Tamachi St. Mita Exit.  

FEE: \26,250 (advanced payment to bank account)

E-MAIL : workshop@naturalspirit.co.jp

FAX: 03-3542-0781 

Inform your name, address, phone number for booking by e-mail or fax..

Bank account will be notified by return mail or fax.

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